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Director, actress, producer and "Goofball at heart"

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 Podcasts with Amanda Tapping:


Episode 100: Amanda Tapping, Michael Eklund, Nicole Oliver and Sharon Taylor

The YVR Screen Scene Podcast is officially 100 episodes old - and for this epic podcasting milestone, Sabrina Furminger put together an epic group of epic guests for an epic epic episode: Amanda Tapping, Michael Eklund, Nicole Oliver and Sharon Taylor. This notable quartet of # BCFilm icons (and YVR Screen Scene's podcast host Sabrina Furminger) discuss the hunt for magic, the alienation of the West, and the implications of COVID-19 on their mental health and the local film and TV community Television industry ...


Webinar about the work of women in Canadian Film & Movie industrie

Amanda Tapping attended a webinar for Women in Film and Television Canada on July 9, 2020 with Juanita Peters and Brigitte Monneau. took part. They talked about working in the film and television industry during the Covid-19 era. Duration 01:12:29

28/03/2020 Interview with Tony Tellado Sci-Fi Talk

Contents include: Stargate - Sanctuary. - Amanda's love of work as a director - her role as a showrunner fundamentally changed her career - about the advances in special effects and film techniques since Stargate and Sanctuary - that she would like to play theater - love her role as Sam Carter (Stargate SG-1) was a pioneer for the modern TV landscape as a strong and equal character. - About the current Corona situation - how she deals with "social distancing".


Interview with Sabrina Furminger via Skype

Synopsis: Director Amanda Tapping (Sanctuary, Stargate SG-1) returns to the YVR Screen Scene Podcast for an open and emotional discussion on how to stay connected and level-headed during social distancing.

05/06/2019 AmandaTapping im Interview mit Sabrina Furminger

Synopsis: Amanda Tapping is many things: the Grand Empress of Sci-Fi; an award-winning actress who has built a global following and plays strong women in Stargate SG-1 and Sanctuary; a sought-after director of episodic television (Travelers; The 100; Anne with an E; Continuum); a loving mother; an advocate for women; a damn good friend. On this very special episode of the YVR Screen Scene Podcast, Amanda discusses the many facets of her busy life with host Sabrina Furminger - including the impact that portraying Sam Carter and Helen Magnus had on her self-esteem.

Related to this podcast are the articles "Amanda Tapping - Unstoppable" and "What I Learned at the Amanda Tapping Convention". Both articles can be found below in the next section

 Because they are external links, every link opens in a new window!

Interviews and artiles with/about  Amanda Tapping:

06/06/2020 Why The Stargate Star Stopped Acting
--/10/2018  After Stargate - An Interview With Amanda Tapping
13/04/2018 What I learned at the Amanda Tapping convention
10/12/2017 What's next for Amanda Tapping
22/06/2015 Back to deep space with Dark Matter director Amanda Tapping
12/03/2014 Reel people on the set of Continuum
22/01/2013 Tapping into grace
07/05/2013 Amanda Tapping on coping with miscarriage
Herbst/2006 Amanda Tapping: My favourite thing to do
23/07/2003 Major Changes
17/06/2002 I'm Over the Moon at the Life That I Have Right Now."

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