She is one of Canada's most successful and well-known actresses and rose to fame as intrepid soldier Col. Sam Carter.

"The Grand Empress of SciFi"

She is a Canadian actress, producer and director of British descent, best known for her roles in "Stargate" and "Sanctuary".


She is one of the most sought after directors in Canada and is particularly well known in the science fiction genre.

Amanda Tapping at Suanne Braun's "Hathor Hosts"

Suanne Braun, who is best known to all Stargate fans as "Hathor", came up with the idea of interviewing her Stargate colleagues via a live link in 2020. The result was "Hathor Hosts", an entertaining talk show that is broadcast on YouTube. Of course, the whole thing also had its teething problems. Hathor Host started on Instagram and Amanda Tapping was the second "guinea pig" after Kate Hewlett.

Before the interview took place, Amanda had to connect with Suanne. This short video shows that this was not without problems, even for "Sam Carter". Every second of it is worth watching!

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Of course, I don't want to withhold the entire interview from April 14, 2020 from you. Again, Amanda proves her talent as a "general goofball" [her own words!]
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After Suanne Braun interviewed Amanda Tapping in her talk series, I asked Suanne if she could imagine being interviewed by Amanda in order to show her fans the other side of her. This is how this conversation developed on Twitter:

 This video from October 3rd, 2020 shows what finally they came up with. This is the recording of the Zoom Live Feed, which was streamed via YouTube, in which Amanda Tapping as host talks to Suanne Braun about all kinds of topics. Serious topics alternate with easy ones, and laughter is definitely guaranteed. Suanne is eclectic, singing and entertaining, and Amanda lets her comedic talent run wild. Certainly the highlight at Hathor Hosts

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