My pencil and Amanda

One of my hobbies is creating graphics for equestrian advertising. I don't think I'm so bad at that. Admittedly, a lot of the work is done by the computer, but you need a certain amount of skill to harmoniously arrange and combine colors, photos and graphics. Painting, on the other hand, isn't really my thing, I'm really not good at that. But I think I can use the pencil quite well. During the time of the Corona-related LockDown, I had some time to draw a few pictures. They are not perfect, but I'll show you a small selection here anyway:

Even if they are not masterpieces - they are just the attempts of a hobby draftsman - to do all the drawings were great fun. But I have a request for you: Please remember, these pictures are my property! Please be so fair and do not download or copy them or take screenshots of these images!

Declaration about this website

Disclaimer for this site: For all that's worth it I want to make a clear statement! I am neither Amanda, nor am I affiliated with her or her official website or did this website by her order. However, it was my goal to bring amazing Amanda to her German speaking fans, who are not able to read and/or understand her English-language homepage. Therefore I did a rather free and very unofficial  fan-page and hope it's okay with her. [Maybe -  just maybe - some day Amanda will come across this page and approve of it. ;-)] 

Copyright Declaration

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