Artificial Intelligence and Stargate

After two seasons, Stargate Universe disappeared into space along with the spaceship Destiny and its entire crew, never to return anywhere. Stargate Atlantis dived under after 5 seasons without offering the 6th season with the resolution of all story arcs. But the fans haven't forgotten about Stargate. The fandom is showing signs of life stronger than ever, especially as Stargate SG-1, the flagship, celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2022. Not only the fans keep the SG-1 myth alive, but also producer Brad Wright, screenwriter Joseph Mallozzi and the actors Amanda Tapping, Suanne Braun, Michael Shanks and Richard Dean Anderson.

There are enough screenplays or scripts for new episodes, says Brad Wright, but so far no broadcaster has given a production order. But since there is everything imaginable in science fiction, Brad Wright and Google A.I. specialist Laurence Moroney came up with a unique idea. The two have fed a "super" computer with vast amounts of data, from dialogues to profiles of people to landscape profiles and whatever else. The goal was to have an "Artificial Intelligence" write a script for Stargate SG-1.

Stargate A.I. Vers. 1

Can artificial intelligence write a Stargate script?

Brad Wright and Laurence Moroney investigated this question. In an experiment with Google's artificial intelligence (BETA version), the two tried to create a Stargate script. In a special performance, four well-known actors presented the lines generated by the AI Bot v0.3. In fact, every single line of dialogue and every single stage direction was written by this "Artificial Intelligence".

The following actors made themselves available for this reading:

SG-1:  Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson / Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter
SG-A: David Hewlett as Rodney McKay /Jewel Staite as Jennifer Keller

Stargate A.I. Vers. 2

The Stargate Reunion and A.I. Reading #2   

Brad Wright is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Stargate SG-1 by delving into the world of "Stargate A.I." again. With further developed and more sophisticated algorithms, he got back to work and created a new SG-1 script for a exclusive selection of actors. This script, also written by a GoogleBot, reunites Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, and Michael Shanks as SG-1.

 Active for this reading are:

Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O’Neill
Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter

Stargate A.I. Vers. 3

Atlantis - the next try

The Companion announced on May 28, 2022 that there will be another episode of Stargate A.I. This time it will be Stargate A.I. - Atlantis, for which the cast will gather online to read a new (and unofficial) script created by Google A.I. and its developer Laurence Moroney.

Active for this reading:
The actors for this reading have not yet been determined.

We'll announce the release date for this third part here as soon as we know anything. But one thing is for sure, for this part you have to be a member of the app "The Companion" as well to be able to see this paid event!

Attention please!

Anyone who want to watch the two episodes of Stargate A.I.  can do so through "The Companion" website.
However, you have to pay for this fun  and you are required to have a membership with "The Companion" to access the YouTube links!

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