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Frequently asked questions and the answers to them:

"Nothing will ever change for us until we support each other. When we actually start talking to each other about navigating this life day to day as women, the obstacles we face, the fears we have, the triumphs we have - to really talk about how difficult it is. Sometimes it is that this shared experience gives us so much more power to navigate...“

Amanda Tapping

As with any other actor or celebrity, there are many questions about Amanda. Some are very personal that only Amanda could answer, others are repetitive. We've listed some of the questions Amanda has been asked the most and she has answered in more or less detail herself.

When is Amandas Birthday? And when is she born?

Amanda's birthday is August 28th. She has kept a low profile for the year she was born. Amanda's place of birth is Rochford, Essex, England

What is Amanda's nationality and where does she live?

Amanda is both Canadian and British citizen. She resides with her family in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Does Amanda have a Canadian, American, or British accent in real life?

Amanda speaks with a northern West Coast accent with Canadian tinges.

What is Amanda's natural hair and eye color?

Amanda's natural hair color is blonde. - For Sanctuary, she let her hair grow long and dyed it dark. Amanda's eyes are blue.

Is Amanda married and does she have children?

Amanda has been married to Alan Kovacs since 1994. The two have a daughter named Olivia B.

Does Amanda have pets?

Amanda has a dog named Riley [Amanda's third dog]

What are Amanda's hobbies?

Camping, kayaking, skiing, hiking, reading, horseback riding, painting and making music. Amanda says: "I play the guitar - but never in public!"

Does Amanda perform stunts herself?

Yes, she has always tried to do many stunts by herself because she loves it very much. It was a double-edged sword for the crews she worked with, as while it's easier to film, Amanda is also known for consistently managing to self-harm.

In "Stargate" she suffered a few injuries. In the episode "The Enemy Within" she suffered a concussion. She got a few bruises while filming "Solitudes" when she accidentally slipped down an icy slope. In another episode, she twisted her ankle and suffered minor burns to her face.

While filming "Sanctuary" in the episode "Breach" where she is thrown against a wall, she forgot to straighten her elbows to prevent her head from snapping back and suffered a head injury. In the episode "Haunted", she was accidentally kicked and injured by Christopher Heyerdahl.

Over the course of the various shows, Amanda has sustained several minor and major injuries as a result of performing stunts.

Is Amanda on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, MySpace, or other social media?

⇒ Amanda is on Twitter. Her official account is @amandatapping On her Twitter profile, she describes herself as: mom, wife, actress, director, producer, activist and "goofball at heart".

⇒ Amanda is on Instagram. Her official account is @reallivsmum

⊗ Amanda is NOT on other social media accounts like Facebook or MySpace. Anyone with an account named Amanda Tapping on any of these other social media sites is impersonating her and should be reported to this social media hierarchy.

Where can you see Amanda in person?

Amanda attends several events throughout the year around the world. Most of them usually allow you to get an autograph or photo with her, or join a live Q&A session.

Where to buy copies of Amanda's films and performances?

Most of the films and TV series that Amanda has appeared in are available from any number of DVD retailers around the world.

Are there any TV shows or movies planned for Amanda?

Amanda herself announces most of her current projects on Instagram or Twitter

Is this Amanda's own official site or is it fan run?

Amanda's official site is amandatapping.com. This site here - amanda-tapping.de - is an unofficial German fan site!

Questions for Amanda - answered personally by her

On June 28, 2020, Amanda Tapping answered fans' questions in a zoom circuit for 45 minutes. This Q&A event was part of an event organized by Creation Entertainment.

[Source of video: youtu.be/5KzbnE6Owas]

[Source: youtu.be/5KzbnE6Owas]

"I'm so grateful to know you and to call you my friend. You are in a class of your own and truly are one of the greats. A brilliant actress, an unassuming TALENTED artist. A leading lady who inspires everyone around her and who is so passionate about the sisterhood and supporting her colleagues and people. You are quite simply the real deal. One star!!"

Suanne Braun
Suanne Braun
Actress (Hathor, SG 1)

"Amanda; the myth created for Doris Day is Amanda. She's warm, the camera loves her, and she can take a scene that really should never be released and make it sound like a diamond!"

Don S. Davis
Don S. Davis
Actor (General George Hammond, SG 1)

"...I don't have any particular stories. She's just always...she has this ability to deal with people...she's just amazing! She has a strength and a personable quality that comes with that kind of light. I can't get over her and so happy to see her direct. I think we need more women like Amanda directing. Because they understand, they've been there, because they know more than anyone else!"

David Hewlett
David Hewlett
Actor (Dr. Rodney McKay, SG Atlantis)

"I'm a fan of Amanda Tapping. In fact, I'm a HUGE fan of Amanda Tapping. And I'm not the only one. No, I'm not talking about all those Samantha Carter followers out there. I'm talking about pretty much everyone who's had the pleasure of working with Amanda over the years. She is immensely talented, always professional and just plain adorable.”

Joseph Mallozzi
Joseph Mallozzi
Writer, (Stargate)

"Amanda is a really great actress and she brings that to every scene she's in!"

Brad Wright
Brad Wright
Writer, Producer (Stargate)

"Amanda is so supportive and so warm. She is such a positive influence on the set. She knows everyone's name. Always prepared. Always supportive. Always helping. Always giving... She's a great actress and a great person."

Carmen Argenziano
Carmen Argenziano
Actor (General Jacob Carter, SG1)